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Over time, the outer layer of skin becomes damaged and may need a little help being removed. Microdermabrasion is a nonsurgical procedure for safe, even exfoliation of the epidermis (the thin outer layer of the skin). A stream of fine crystals is passed over the skin, resurfacing the superficial layers. Fresh, new skin cells arise revealing a smoother, younger, more radiant complexion. Microdermabrasion treatments can help anyone interested in minimizing the appearance of scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation problems, uneven skin tones, or dull, lifeless, sun-damaged skin. Double board-certified cosmetic surgeon and ophthalmologist Dr. Alan Brackup offers medical-grade microdermabrasion treatments at Cosmetic Surgery Specialists in Langhorne, Bucks County, PA. Refresh and rejuvenate your skin for a smoother, brighter appearance with microdermabrasion treatments.

Procedure Technique

Microdermabrasion treatments remove the top layers of damaged skin. Crystal-free technology with a diamond tipped vacuum wands gently buffs away dead skin cells and polishes the skin. It helps to unclog and shrink pores, reduces sun damage/age spots, and fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with smoother more even texture and healthy new skin. Microdermabrasion is not painful, but some patients may feel uncomfortable; it's often compared to being licked by a cat or rubber band snap. 

During/After the Procedure

Microdermabrasion treatments last about 30 - 60 minutes and are performed in the office. Patients may have some temporary redness and swelling after their treatment, but this shouldn't last more than 1 - 2 days. The outer layer of skin may peel off in the first week as the new skin is revealed.  It is critical that the patient strictly adheres to post-treatment care, especially applying sun protections, to protect their skin and maintain their results.

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Microdermabrasion FAQs

Ideal Candidate?

Any individual, men or women, with skin irregularities may consider the benefits of microdermabrasion. It’s an effective treatment for those who have fine wrinkles, acne scars, dull or uneven skin tone, and rough skin texture.

Who Should Avoid It?

There are some precautions for those who have specific skin conditions, including severe acne or those who are on aggressive acne medications. The doctor will evaluate the patient’s condition before any treatment and inquire about any medical case that may be present, or medications that have been taken within the last year.

How About Freckles?

Freckles are an overproduction of melanin in the skin and common to those who have a fair complexion. It becomes visible due to extreme exposure to sun. Although microdermabrasion can remove the top layers of skin where freckles are contained, there are other alternatives specifically for freckle removal such as a deeper chemical peel or photofacial treatment to minimize the freckles from reoccurring.

Is A Chemical Peel Better?

Microdermabrasion and chemical peels both refinish the skin to promote new skin growth. Both can be mildly or aggressively invasive depending on how many layers are involved. The only difference between the two treatments is the method used in achieving the intended results. Microdermabrasion gently polishes the skin while a chemical peel uses solutions, usually acid based, to attain a similar result. Microdermabrasion does better in removing small acne scars as there is more control on which tiny spots need more work.

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