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If you want a nonsurgical treatment to reduce facial lines, age spots, scars, and other skin blemishes, dermaplaning can be a great choice. Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation that manually removes the uppermost layer of dead skin cells and unwanted facial peach fuzz. At Cosmetic Surgery Specialists, Dr. Alan Brackup, a double board-certified cosmetic surgeon and ophthalmologist, performs dermaplaning for patients who want a nonsurgical skin rejuvenation that provides more results that microdermabrasion or a light chemical peel. Dr. Brackup can customize the dermaplaning procedure at his office in Langhorne, Bucks County, PA to be deeper or longer depending on your needs and goals.

Procedure Technique

During the procedure, the surface of the skin is exfoliated using light, feathering strokes of a special blade (dermatome), leaving your skin instantly smooth, supple, and radiantly glowing. Depending on the patient's needs, dermaplaning can concentrate on a specific problem, like an acne scar, or treat the entire face.

What to Expect

After dermaplaning, the treated area will be inflamed and swollen for 1 – 2 days. In 7 – 10 days, new skin will begin to form, but your skin may remain pink for up to 6 weeks as you heal. The doctor will let you know what to expect after your treatment, based on the depth and length of the procedure, as well as how to care for your skin. Your results should be long-lasting, but you will probably want to return to refresh your skin as needed.

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Double up on your exfoliation with a microdermaplaning treatment. This powerful form of exfoliating your skin uses the method of dermaplaning and tops it off with polishing your skin with a pass of microdermabrasion. Experience glowing, super smooth skin, and be hair free.

Is It Painful?

Since dermaplaning can go deep into the skin, patients may be given local anesthesia or numbing agents in the treatment areas before the procedure begins. Most patients feel some temporary tingling after their treatment, but only have mild discomfort during their recovery

Dermaplane or Dermabrasion?

While dermaplaning and dermabrasion produce similar results, the main difference between the 2 is the tools that are used. Dermabrasion buffs skin with a rough surface, while dermaplaning uses a dermatome or surgical blade to remove the top layer of the skin. Dermaplaning is usually better for patient who want to eliminate deeper scars and moderate wrinkles.

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