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At Cosmetic Surgery Specialists in Bucks County, PA, we love getting feedback from our patients. Patient reviews are one of the best ways we can measure ourselves and it's a great way to show potential patients what the Cosmetic Surgery Specialists' experience is like. We've pulled patient feedback from around the internet about Dr. Brackup and his talented staff to help you when you're choosing the best plastic surgeon. Read the collected stories and reviews below and then feel free to contact us if you have more questions, or if you want to book an appointment. At Cosmetic Surgery Specialists, we are extremely proud of the care provided by our staff, and we would love to welcome you as a patient. Please come experience the difference.

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Review from Google User  |  Source: Google  |  Feb 03, 2021

I wanted to have my eyelids fixed as it was impairing my vision. I had a few doctors approved to me through my insurance, as it was a real medical issue. I opted to not let my insurance pay and I googled the top surgeon in the Philadelphia area. I found Dr. Brackup. Dr. Brackup insisted that there was no way to fix my eyelid folds without doing a temporal lift. I was so upset and also scared to do this procedure but I trusted and believed I’m him. I went ahead and paid the extra $3,000 dollars to do as he said and I was so upset about the results. Not only was this temporal Lift incredibly painful, my forehead is now full of sagging and loose skin that I never had before. My eyelid fold did not get repaired as he had suggested, but now I have one saggy eyelid and a saggy forehead and temporal sagging the hat never existed before. I went back to the office shortly after surgery and Dr. Brackup was not available due to his own health issues and I saw another doctor that specializes in Botox. He had suggested to me that I get a brow lift. The nurse quickly looked at me with concern as she had been in the operating room with me during my eyebrow/temporal lift just months prior. My heart fell to the ground as I had just been through so much pain in recovery, as her heart fell to the ground knowing that I had an Los Angeles specialist tell me I needed the very thing I was given. I felt so betrayed at that moment. I was lied to, a huge expense and now I actually do need an eyebrow lift when I didn’t need I e at all prior to this surgery. Matter of fact before this surgery, my forehead had not one wrinkle. I was suppose to get my “after” photos done, but the doctor is not interested in doing so. When I addressed to him that my forehead looks really bad since surgery, he said, “let me give you Botox to fix the problem” , “come back in a month and we can do your “after” photos. I look at myself everyday in the mirror and I want to cry at the fact that he didn’t fix my eyelid fold, and the fact that I now have 5 scars on my head, numbness in those areas and permanent hair loss. I wanted to write this review because I don’t want to his to happen to anyone else. Dr. Brackup specializes in eyes, not forehead lifts. If he tries to talk you into plastic surgery......say NO! I wish I did! More

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